8.1.6 Data collection and analysis

For this research I created short films and videos, poetry, graphic designs, installations, photography, performances, poetry readings, and exhibitions; kept personal diaries; built an art website; and designed and facilitated art workshops. I also presented papers at nine conferences and ten other events. Films

The films were posted online, screened at film festivals and shown at conferences. I have received written feedback from audiences at conferences (See appendix, PhD Art Design and Media, Gil Dekel), and also made video recordings that documented my creative processes. Posting films online seemed a much easier task in reaching viewers; however, this proved less beneficial in terms of receiving feedback. Although the films were played more than a total of 14,000 times online (up to 9th April 2009), I have received only a few comments/feedback from online viewers. Exhibitions

Each exhibition involved an original design of a logo and posters that referred to the thesis. The exhibitions and installations included invitations for the audience to participate, rather than just watch. A feedback book was left for audiences’ comments. Art workshop

I created a participatory art workshop (see chapter 14) that examined the thesis’ findings. The workshop involved a short performance, a brief presentation of my thesis, an artistic guided meditation, and artistic activity by participants. Participants created stories and images (See appendix, PhD Art Design and Media, Gil Dekel) providing me with valuable information about their processes of creativity as well as feedback about my skills as an artist and facilitator. Diaries

I kept seven written diaries reflecting different thoughts: the process of creating art; the development of the thesis; insights that came while making films; insights that came while writing poetry; ideas for art works and product designs; spiritual experiences and visions; and dreams. Some of the thoughts from the diaries are mentioned within the body chapters of this thesis. Online art resource

I created an online art resource (work in progress), and have found that building up a website from scratch can involve similar creative impulses as creating artefacts, including feelings of artistic and emotional intensification and visions that come to the artist, which in my case inspired the design of the website. I also noted that building a website can help to assimilate data collected for research, and assist in structuring it in a coherent way. The technicality of a website demands that data is structured through ‘tabs’, and these tabs can be seen as chapter titles for a PhD thesis.

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